About Us
Who are we?

We started our journey as Privegi in April 2018 to pass our expertise of over 35 years on to a brand-new future. In today’s world where it’s hard to access healthy food, our goal is to offer delicious, practical and nourishing plant-based food for everyone.

We work day and night to create new healthy alternatives in fresh and frozen food categories while constantly improving ourselves to produce even better options. It is our greatest reward to offer everyone who is in pursuit of food, health and care the options they seek.

Journey of food transformation

Our goal for a sustainable life on the planet we live in is to introduce clean and healthy meat-free food to you on a larger scale.

Delicious food for the future of all of us

At Privegi, we choose to protect our planet. We are dedicated to minimizing the use of land for foods of animal origin and the resulting carbon emissions.
We choose to raise awareness in ourselves and others about the food to leave a more livable world to the future, and offer you healthy and delicious