Our Company Quality Policy


Our company, which is among the leading organizations in "Drozen and Gluten-Free Vegan Meatballs Production and Sales" with its sector experience, the current technology we use, high knowledge, and experienced and qualified workforce, aims to ensure the continuity of the exemplary and competitive structure of our position and adopts the following indispensable elements. .

We work day and night to create new healthy alternatives in fresh and frozen food categories while constantly improving ourselves to produce even better options. It is our greatest reward to offer everyone who is in pursuit of food, health and care the options they seek.


• To offer quality products that meet the demands and expectations of our customers, to increase customer satisfaction,
• To fully fulfill the requirements of our management systems that enable us to be a leading organization in all our fields of activity and to ensure continuous improvement of its effectiveness,
• To ensure that our products meet customer demands, national and to ensure compliance with international standards and legal regulations and to ensure their continuity,
• To ensure that products comply with food safety, comply with hygienic conditions and meet customer tastes,
• To increase personnel satisfaction and competence for a sustainable workforce,
• Environment To ensure measurable and continuous improvement in every possible field related to our business,
• To protect the environment while continuing our activities. ,

• To reduce waste at its source, to recycle hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, and to ensure that non-recyclable wastes are disposed of with the most appropriate technologies, without harming the environment,
• To take measures to protect biodiversity and ecosystem while continuing its activities,
• To prevent climate change to carry out studies,
• To carry out all work the first time and on time, by ensuring the participation of all our employees. •To prepare an honest, tolerant, respectful and devoted working environment for our employees in a team spirit for continuous training, development and improvement, br>• To minimize weaknesses and threats through infrastructure, working environment, equipment and training investments.
• To ensure that the successes we have achieved within the framework of our company policy are sustainable, to aim to move them to higher levels and to ensure that our employees see the development of our brand awareness as their common and primary goal.